The life sciences comprise the fields of science that involve the scientific study of living organisms. 2M Life Sciences focuses on medical technological advances involving living things.

2M Life Sciences has a broad international network in the other areas of expertise required for the appropriate development of new technologies. QA Audit, Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development, IT implementation, Design, Medical Writing, Clinical Affairs, Investors, and many others.

2M Network


2M was founded by Marlisa Meijerink, with more than 20 years of experience in management, sales and marketing in the life sciences fields.
Passionate about new inventions, ideas that can improve our health and well-being and ambitious to bring these inventions to the market. Amazed at the lessons that can be applied from natures wonders and a strong believer of empowering patients and consumers with new tools that allow them to take action themselves.

M + M = 2M

Its takes blood sweat and tears to bring health innovations to the market and to accelerate this process 2M Life Sciences brings experience and passion.

VIMEO presentation soon available


  • Masters of Science in Biology (molecular biology)
  • Professional marketer for amongst others complex diagnostics systems
  • Broad sales experience in different cultural environments (e.g. Benelux, US China and Brazil)
  • In depth experience with all elements of the business value chain (product ideation, development, launch, marketing, sales and after sales support).
  • Solid knowledge of the global market for in vitro diagnostics.
  • Good understanding of the health care market in general
  • Experienced and ambitious manager with a broad business background, enthusiastic team motivator with a strong drive and target orientated.
  • Results driven with a good sense for customer needs and commercial opportunities.
  • Extensive global network